Undergraduate-level double degree program at PUCRS and ENISE

Mechanical Engineering students can now apply for program

27/06/2019 - 08h30
French student Aymeric Rollin will be the first student awarded a double-degree under PUCRS-ENISE agreement

French student Aymeric Rollin will be the first student awarded a double-degree under PUCRS-ENISE agreement

The new double degree agreement between PUCRS and École Nationnale d’Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE), France, will make it possible for Mechanical Engineering student to work on their undergraduate degree at the partner institution and be awarded two diplomas at the end: one from PUCRS and another from ENISE.

The opportunity came after French student Aymeric Rollin, as a Brafitec grantee came to PUCRS, through an existing agreement between PUCRS and ENISE, which is financially supported by CAPES. In the program, he took Mechanical Engineering courses at the School of Technology of PUCRS and did a mandatory internship at NOVUS, under the supervision of Professor Dr Carlos Alexandre dos Santos.

“And so all the parties got interest in celebrating a double-degree agreement with Aymeric. Then, we started working on the documentation to make it happen”, Dr Sérgio Boscato Garcia, coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering program, says. Rollin will be staying at PUCRS until July. After that, he will return to France to complete the last courses and will be the first student to be awarded a double-degree under this agreement.

How to get a double degree

According to the Protocol of Scientific and Academic Cooperation between ENISE and PUCRS, the double degree agreement regulates the academic training program involving both institutions, which make it possible for students of these programs to earn two diplomas. To get a double degree, students must meet specific criteria set forth in the agreement, such as language proficiency and successful completion of courses recommended by each institution, in view of a pre-defined program of studies.

These criteria will also apply for students enrolled in academic mobility programs, such as the French-Brazilian program Brafitec. Then, after students apply for and are selected for a mobility program, they should contact the program coordination so that the joint committee of the ENISE-PUCRS Cooperation Agreement analyzes the student’s request. In addition, follow-up interviews may be conducted by representatives from both institutions to check on students’ motivations and advise them in the particular aspects of the program.

International degree

In Boscato’s view, as all credits will be valid in both countries, students will be able to work in both nations. Therefore, upon compliance with the legal requirements of each country, students will have the chance to develop their career in either country or work in projects involving Brazil and France. The Academic Mobility team will be available for questions about the double degree between PUCRS-ENISE at [email protected].

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