U.S. professor joins activities at School of Medicine of PUCRS

Chris Buck from UCLA joins international symposium and discusses academic mobility possibilities for undergraduate students

06/06/2022 - 16h56

Photo: Thais Gonçalves

Last week, PUCRS welcomed Prof. Chris Buck from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), USA. During his visit, the professor discussed internship possibilities for PUCRS’ Medical School students at UCLA. He also joined activities in the Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health.

UCLA cooperates with Hospital Central de Maputo, in Mozambique. This partnership gives PUCRS students the possibility to do internships in their area of study. Final internship students and residents of PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital are also eligible for this international experience. Buck was invited to come to Brazil by the Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Leonardo Araújo Pinto, and was welcomed at the Office for International Cooperation to learn about the University’s structure.

He also gave a talk at the International Symposium on Epidemiology, Transmission and Prevention of Infectious Diseases in the auditorium of the Brain Institute (BraIns), where he reinforced the concepts of epidemiology associated with infectious diseases, infection and outbreak control practices, vaccinology and combat vaccine hesitancy. The activities were coordinated by School of Medicine professor, Dr. Marcelo Scotta, and offered by the Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health.

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