Tecnopuc startup represents Brazil internationally

Developed at PUCRS' innovation ecosystem, Thummi app helps cancer patients

30/05/2022 - 09h21

Thummi, a startup at the Science and Technology Park of PUCRS (Tecnopuc), will represent Brazil at the SelectUSA Investment Summit. The event, which will occur in July, is spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Commerce and focuses on facilitating job creation and economic development in the country. At the event, the company will present Thummi, an app developed to assist cancer patients.

The remote platform aroused from the interest of oncologists to use information from patients’ everyday lives in more effective solutions, thus offering professionals, clinics and hospitals access to data in real time. As a result, a specialized medical algorithm was developed for a deeper analysis of the cases and their specificities to provide greater assertiveness in care and security for each protocol.

According to Alessandra Morelle, the startup CEO and alumna of the School of Medicine of PUCRS, Thummi joined SelectUsa after winning a startup competition, promoted by the American consulate in Brazil. The competition received nominations from more than 100 startups from all over the country. “It is a great honor to represent Brazil at an international event that connects the US ecosystem and also to have the opportunity to receive investments to improve our solution”, she adds.

According to the leader of Tecnopuc Startups, Rafael Chanin, it is rewarding to see the impact of startups not only on the local ecosystem, but also on the global stage.

“Thummi does spectacular work within a very sensitive context, as it supports cancer patients. We are very happy to know that the startup has overcome this challenge and is generating a very significant impact on society”, he highlights.

About Thummi 

The app relies on a simple and intuitive interface, which ensures comfort to the patient. Here’s how it works:

Patients report their symptoms through the app and the algorithm informs they of the risk that something more serious may be happening. Each reported adverse effect is assessed and patients are notified about what to do and whether they should seek medical or emergency care;

The platform will allow users to monitor patients and, at the same time, provide a more assertive treatment. Patients’ physical symptoms, mood and medications can all be recorded on the app;

The app relies on the concept of remote monitoring, as patients are monitored wherever they are.

The way Alessandra sees it, the tool seeks to bridge an existing gap in health care.

“We believe that the everyday follow-up of cancer patients can effectively improve the quality of life of these people. We seek to connect health care teams and patients every day. We also understand that this process is in full swing and that new models of health delivery and value in health are coming up”, she concludes.

This is not the first time the startup has joined an international initiative. In 2021, Thummi was recognized in the acceleration program by Velocity TX. The non-profit organization is part of the Texas Research & Technology Foundation and helps bioscience startups launch solutions to change and save lives around the world.

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