Tecnopuc spearheads initiatives to fight coronavirus

Hack for Brazil COVID-19 began this week to challenge startups to develop innovations

25/03/2020 - 10h03

Photo: fancycrave1/pixabay.com

PUCRS’ Science and Technology Park – Tecnopuc is working on two initiatives intended to challenge startups to create solutions to stop the spread of coronavirus in Brazil: StartHealth (Startups VS COVID) and Hack for Brazil | COVID–19. According to the Superintendent of Innovation and Development of PUCRS, Dr. Jorge Audy, the Park is working towards meeting the priorities of Pacto Alegre. “From Tecnopuc Startups to communication actions, we are working on the development of the two initiatives, which involve the main players in the innovation ecosystem of the city and Brazil,” Audy says.

Carlos Klein, Coordinator of Biohub PUCRS, sees that the current challenge is unprecedented. “We need to mobilize the community to seek solutions. It is by combining knowledge from different areas that great ideas emerge”, Klein signals. He points out that these are excellent opportunities to engage people who want to help, but if they work on their own, there will be little impact. “We will be working on several dimensions: (1) Search for innovative impact solutions to fight Coronavirus; (2) Social engagement, creation of a new network of people supporting health and (3) Sense and purpose. People who are confined at home will be able to engage in high-impact activities, giving meaning to their daily lives”, he explains.

He goes on to say that “we are mobilizing the scientific community, developers, health care professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs and other interested parties to collaborate. Certainly, the academia and the market will be closer together in an effort to find solutions”.

Hack for Brazil | COVID–19

It is the largest online Hackathon in Brazil. It seeks structured ideas to fight the impact of COVID-19 on society. This open and collaborative innovation marathon is intended to create solutions that help the country in this delicate moment. More than 20 Brazilian cities have joined in. The marathon occurs from Mar 23 – 28.

Tecnopuc is partners with Grow+. This is an action that is embraced by Health Plus Innovation Center, a coworking area that will connect HealthTech startups with hospitals, professionals, companies and healthcare companies.

StartHealth (Startups VS COVID)

A selection of startups that have conceived mature solutions to help fight against COVID-19 immediately. The selection criteria will include challenges to identify existing solutions in critical areas, such as: artificial respirator; monitoring of risk groups; management of hospital beds; pandemic data flow management in real time. In this initiative, Tecnopuc is working alongside the Porto Alegre Innovation Directorate, within the scope of the Pacto Alegre. The link for participation will be available soon.

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