Syracuse Academy director promotes Italian culture at PUCRS during visit

Peter Neri, from Italy, joins meetings and gives lecture at the School of Humanities

24/03/2023 - 11h07

Photo: Matheus Gomes

On Monday, March 20th, PUCRS welcomed the Syracuse Academy Diretor, from Italy, Peter Neri. The international visitor came to PUCRS to give a lecture at the School of Humanities and to participate in a meeting at the Office for International Cooperation to discuss possible student mobility actions, as well as the creation of summer study programs. Also there on the occasion were the Italian Consul General in Porto Alegre Valerio Caruso and the Cultural Assistant for the Italian General Consulate in Porto Alegre, Italian Reader at UFRGS and professor Lucia Vitiello.

The Peter Neri’s visit, the “Across the sea: a journey through Italian migrations, past and present” meeting, held in partnership between PUCRS, the Italian Consulate in Porto Alegre, and The Italian Academy. The event, which included the participation of Valerio Caruso, as well as of School of Humanities’ professor Antonio De Ruggiero, of the Committee of Italians Abroad and of the representatives of the Italian associative world, discussed migrations in Rio Grande do Sul and the complexities of migrations in Italy.

Neri addressed mobility in the Mediterranean, specially in the Sicily region, in Italy, and how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) deal with the issues and with welcoming immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. According to professor De Ruggiero, the debate was fundamental to understand the globalized world and the challenges of migration in Europe.

In a meeting with executive coordinator at the Office for International Cooperation, Carla Bonan, the visitors discussed the possibilities of rapprochement between PUCRS and Syracuse University. With this partnership, it would be possible to establish student mobility actions for Italy, as well as the creation of summer study programs, with the purpose of promoting Italian culture in Brazil.

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