Symposium discusses research on Children’s Health

International event featured speakers from Argentina, USA and Switzerland

17/11/2017 - 09h13
I Simposyum of Experimental and Translational Research on Children’s Health

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

The Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health (PPGMPS), of PUCRS’ School of Medicine, welcomed specialists from Argentina, Switzerland and USA for the I Simposyum of Experimental and Translational Research on Children’s Health, from Nov 13 – 14. The scientific event aimed to awaken a critical view in students about experimental scientific research and to bring students and guest speakers together.

 Steven Kleeberger, from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, talked about genetic susceptibility to neonatal acute lung injury and determinants of susceptibility to severe RSV disease. Christian Pasquali, from Vifor Pharma, presented his findings on OM-85 BV studies: a general recap of its mode of action, role on airway immune response and ongoing IIT studies.

Stefania Ballarini, also from Vifor Pharma, approached future place of immunomodulation with bacterial lysates in fragile pediatric patients. Fernando Polack, from Fundacion Infant, discussed the impact of diet on respiratory virus infection and the complexity of RSV prevention: are new vaccines just a step away?

 The event was opened by PUCRS’ Vice-President, Jaderson Costa da Costa, and by the director of the School of Pharmacy, Ana Lígia Bender. Other lectures were delivered by PUCRS, UFMG and UNICAMP professors.

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