Session on degree programs and research at University of Bonn

Lecture to be delivered by representatives of the German institution

14/08/2019 - 10h42

University of Bonn_Web Banner_NotíciaRepresentatives of the University of Bonn will be coming to PUCRS to talk about research and study opportunities at the German institution on Aug 22. Visitors will be coming to the University to deliver the workshop Slavery and Freedom for the Graduate Program in Philosophy. The event will feature the Vice President of International Relations Stephan Conermann, the Dean of International Affairs Rahel Hutgens, and the Coordinator of the Center for Graduate Programs at Bonn, Clara Kaminsky.

The lecture University of Bonn A German University of Excellence Presents Itself: A Dialogue on Research and Study Opportunities, offered by the School of Humanities , in partnership with the Office for International Cooperation , will occur from 10 AM to 12 PM in Room 206 of Living 360°. The session will be delivered in English and no interpreting will be provided. Applicants must confirm their presence to [email protected].

About the University of Bonn

Bonn University is one of the most renowned higher education institutions and research universities in Germany and Europe. In 2019, the institution was one of 11 universities in Germany to receive the title of University of Excellence. PUCRS has been partners with the German institution since 2013. This year the School of Humanities professor Dr Roberto Pich was awarded the title of Ambassador of the University.

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