Semester begins with more than 100 international students at PUCRS

Students from 9 countries joined Virtual Mobility Program

04/03/2021 - 09h11

A virtual event welcomed the new international students / Photo: Release

The new semester begins with 106 international students registered for both undergraduate and graduate courses at PUCRS. They come from 9 countries: Germany Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru and the UK. The new students have signed up for the Virtual Mobility Program, coordinated by the Office for International Cooperation. The program allows for students from all over the world to take online classes at PUCRS.

On Tuesday, Mar 2, a kick-off event marked the beginning of the semester. The students had the chance to share information about their home countries and expectations for the semester at PUCRS. They also learned a little bit more about the culture of Brazil and Rio Grande do Sul as well as the University.

The most popular courses among these international students are Portuguese for International Students 1 and 2, offered by the School of Humanities’ Letters program. The courses, which were already offered to face-to-face mobility students in previous years, were adapted to be delivered online and in 2021/1 will be attended by 88 students.

The international students have also signed up for a number of other courses in different areas. These include Digital Business, Influencers and Marketing Strategies, Emotion and Contemporary Communication and Signs of Information in Entertainment, among others. 17 students who were enrolled for the virtual mobility program in 2020/2, have come back for a new semester at PUCRS.

Find out more about the program here. If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please send an email to [email protected].

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