School of Technology students join Apple world conference

Four Software Engineering majors had projects selected

30/06/2020 - 15h35

Project developed by Adriano Ramos stimulates mental calculation / Photo: Release

One of the biggest technology events in the world, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), promoted by Apple, ended on Friday, Jun 26. In this year’s edition, four Software Engineering students had their projects selected out of 350 other projects from all over the world. The students are part of Apple Developer Academy PUCRS, a partnership between Apple Inc., School of Technology and Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado. 

For Dr. Ana Bacelo, who coordinates the Software Engineering program, the selection of students crystallizes the joint work developed in the students’ training. “We often have students participating in the Apple Developer Academy program. It is very gratifying to see these students having their projects accepted to be presented at WWDC, as it embodies the joint efforts carried out in their academic training: theory and practice”, she comments. 

Bacelo also points out that the projects can be seen as inspiration for those who want to have similar opportunities. “The participation of these students in a world conference is a motivation for other students in the program in the search for undergraduate research, technical training and internships that provide similar opportunities”, Ana points out. 

Projects on educational solutions  


Historical linguistics project, developed by Thiago Nitschke / Image: Release

The four Software Engineering majors who had their projects selected for WWDC have developed games proposing solutions in different educational areas. 

The initiative developed by Adriano Ramos, a 5th semester student, is a children’s game that stimulates mental calculation. According to the student, the player needs to quickly do some basic calculus to destroy the obstacles in the game and score. “I have a 12 year old brother who is finishing Middle School and he always asks for my help in Math. And then, came the motivation to do something in that context. The purpose of the game is to combine fun and learning at the same time”, Ramos says. 

The Historical linguistics project, created by 6th semester student Thiago Nitscheck, elucidates how languages ​​change. “I created a playgroundbook, a collection of digital books from Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, which teaches about language changes and demonstrates that some languages ​​are more related than is commonly understood,” Nitscheck explains. The student also points out that the project provided an interdisciplinary practical experience. “I managed to bring together some of the areas I am most interested in: Linguistics, programming, technology and design. I made all the images for the program myself”, he comments. 

7th semester major Student Matheus Ferreira also had his project selected for the WWDC. Ferreira says that NeoFlip is a card game in which the player needs to hit all combinations in just 30 seconds. This game stimulates memorization and mental agility. The student also points out that NeoFlip seeks to give players the feeling of being in front of real cards. “The game uses the concept of Neomorphism, which is based on the application of shadows on objects, as it simulates 3D models”, Ferreira highlights. 


NeoFlip project, developed by Matheus Ferreira / Image: Release

For Alexandre Bing, a 6th semester major, to have the project selected for a world conference, is an achievement that demonstrates the real application of the things that are studied in the program. “I joined the Software Engineering program without knowing a single line of programming. It is very good to see that a good part of the concepts we have learned are being put in practice. It makes the development of projects like these more agile”, Bing says. The student has developed the game Sales Emergency: An Office Crysis Puzzle, which shows the importance of good communication for teamwork. “The game is set in an office in which the player, a sales manager, must pair up salespeople for a big event. For that, he needs to talk to the collaborators, who will give tips on how to combine the pairs ”, he explains. 

About WWDC 

WWDC is Apple’s annual worldwide conference for developers registered on the company’s platforms. This is the company’s most anticipated event of the year. In addition to attending lectures and launches, guests are invited into laboratories to interact with the company’s software engineers and exchange experiences with people from all over the world. This year, the event is being offered remotely. 

About Apple Developer Academy 


Sales Emergency Project: At Office Crysis Puzzle, developed by Alexandre Bing / Image: Release

The Apple Developer Academy offers training to develop apps for Apple devices. The program is at no charge and open to students enrolled in programs in all areas. 

The initiative proposes a series of challenges applied to real-world issues, in order to stimulate creative capacity, technical knowledge and specific problem-solving skills. The curriculum covers courses on software development, design, user experience and entrepreneurship. The content is prepared by highly qualified professionals who are tuned to the latest news from the growing application market. 

To find out more about it, please go to Facebook. You can also check the news of other projects offered.