Safety control, awareness of changes and flexibility mark beginning of semester

PUCRS continues to reinforce its commitment to preserve the health of the academic community

10/08/2020 - 09h51

Notícia Mari-57-57-57In this new semester that starts today, PUCRS will continue to reinforce the commitment to preserve the health of the academic community. Since the initial impacts of the pandemic, the University has strictly followed all the recommendations brought forth by official health agencies and public authorities concerning its operations.

In order to ensure and establish the conditions for the gradual resumption of activities, based on the decisions made by the State and Municipal governments, to guarantee the safety of the university community, an Institutional Plan for Prevention and Reduction of Risks has been prepared. This document includes an institutional plan and a protocol for life on Campus, as well as a Guide for suspicious and confirmed cases and a detailed document containing Orientation for research activities.

At this moment almost all activities and services available on Campus are being carried out remotely or on call. The University staff is making every effort to honor the demands on a case-by-case basis and propose solutions together.

High quality instruction, no matter the modality

The University is attentive and flexible to meet the provisions of the governmental agencies. Since the first semester, PUCRS has been working on several fronts whose actions have an impact both on the administrative and academic spheres. These include, among other things, a hybrid model of teaching, which will include both online classes and practicum work on campus. Students, faculty and everyone involved will be required to take all necessary precaution for those activities. According to Prof. Dr. Adriana Kampff, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the University is ready as it has planned for a semester that will begin online but will be flexible to the changes associated with the pandemic. “We are getting better each day. Surely, when we are able to go back to campus, we will be at the forefront of implementing a hybrid classroom model,” she adds.

One of the highlights of remote learning for the next semester is that students can get access to classes any time they want. If students cannot join the classes in real time, they will be able to watch the recording and get access to other digital material to facilitate their learning, at a later moment.