Russian researcher serves as Young Talent at School of Technology

Nadezhda Andreeva develops new materials using mathematical methods and computer simulation

24/08/2022 - 15h28

On Aug 8, Dr. Nadezhda Andreeva, researcher from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University – Sibu (Russia), began her activities as a Young Talent with Experience Abroad on the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt). Nadezhda is working in the Graduate Program in Materials Engineering and Technology of PUCRS to develop research projects to investigate CO2 adsorption in new materials, with the Research Group for the Development of Clean Materials and Technologies, coordinated by the Dean of the School of Technology, Dr. Sandra Einloft.

The Russian researcher is developing new materials using mathematical methods and computer simulation. The simulations developed by Nadezhda will be used for the development of new systems for the CO2 separation from industrial gas streams. According to Dr. Sandra Einloft, the idea is to develop catalysts that can CO2 and methanol react at low temperatures and pressures.

The partnership between PUCRS and SPbPU began with actions involving Professor Vitaly Chaban, who has worked with the group since 2015, with several published articles. With the involvement of Chaban, Nadezhda was interested in coming to PUCRS to learn more about the area, combining the experimental aspect of her study with computer simulation, within the scope of the priority area Technology and Biodiversity: Sustainability, Energy and the Environment.

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