Replicas of Leonardo da Vinci’s on exhibit

Exhibition commemorates 500th anniversary of death of Italian artist and inventor

19/09/2019 - 11h56

2019_09_13-davinci907x550_960Starting Tuesday, Sept 17, PUCRS will be home to the Leonardo da Vinci: Universal Genius exhibit. The exhibit features replicas of paintings and drawings that are certified by the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. It also features reproductions of machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci, which were built by Italian architect and collector italiano Franco Imbrianti. Admission is at no charge. The event is being offered in partnership with the Institute of Culture of PUCRS and the Consulate General of Italy in Porto Alegre.

Imbrianti, the collection’s curator and owner, is passionate about the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. He eventually makes his collection available for exhibitions in public spaces. The exhibit will take place at the Main Hall of the Irmão José Otão Main Library on the Campus of PUCRS until Oct 30. The audience will be able to see some replicas such as La Gioconda’s classic painting (“Monna Lisa”), the famous Vitruvian Man, as well as wood reproductions of bicycle and machine gun designs.

Exhibit Leonardo da Vinci: Universal Genius.

Replicas and other items
From Sept 17 to Oct 30
Main Hall of the Main Library of PUCRS
Monday to Friday, from 7:35 AM to 10:30 PM; Saturdays from 7:35 AM to 5:30 PM

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