Registration for summer courses in Medicine for international students now open

Courses on Surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Clinical Neurology to be offered in 2020

13/12/2019 - 11h08

2019_12_13_summercoursesmedicina_2020Registrations are open for the School of Medicine’s Summer Courses in the areas of Surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Clinical Neurology. The three-week long courses offered in the middle of the Brazilian summer, from Jan 6 – 24, 2020, consisting of a total of 60 hours, will be offered at São Lucas Hospital.

This short-term program has been designed for undergraduate Medical students from any country and any university. The courses include practicum work at clinics and inpatient units and surgery wards and direct involvement with patients, under the supervision of professors. They will run from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 12 PM, and are intended to promote the continuous development of these students and provide a relevant international experience for them. Further information about the program can be found here.

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Immersion in General Surgery: Students will be offered practicum work at outpatient departments and observe elective and emergency surgeries, X-rays and endoscopies as well as a wide range of clinical interventions performed by qualified professors. These students will also join theory seminars and case studies sessions organized by the departments they will be interning.

Internship in Urology: Students will be offered practicum work in Adult Urology (surgery, outpatient care, inpatient care, and operating rooms) as they will provide medical care to patients and work on case studies with School of Medicine faculty.

Obstetrics Practicum: Students will be offered practicum work at the obstetrics center in which they will develop their skills in performing deliveries, C-sections and curettages and rooming-in practices. They will also develop skills in fetal medicine center and help conduct obstetric ultrasound exams.

Immersion in Clinical Neurology: Students will have immersion practice in several sub-specialties of Neurology and some of its specialties (Neurophysiology and Neuroimaging). The program will also include practicum work at the Brain Institute, an internationally-accredited institution in the area of neurology.

About São Lucas Hospital

Students will be doing the courses at São Lucas Hospital, one of the most important general hospitals in the South of Brazil. To provide assistance and develop teaching and research activities in the area of health care, in an integrated way, is the hospital’s main purpose. HSL has been in constant pursuit of innovative hospital management actions and advanced technologies for more than 40 years. Anchored in the Marist values, it provides humanized assistance to adult and pediatric patients in almost all medical specialties. Because of its philanthropic nature, it more than 18,000 people a day.