PUCRS strengthen ties with Hungary through cultural activities

Recital featuring pianist György Oravecz and visit of Hungarian diplomats marked beginning of discussions

28/11/2018 - 09h20
PUCRS Recitais, Gyorgy Oravecz, Hungria, cultura, piano, igreja cristo mestre

Photo: Camila Cunha

PUCRS welcomed Hungarian pianist György Oravecz for a recital at the Cristo Mestre University Church on Nov 23. Oravecz performed the works of renowned Hungarian composers Ferenc Liszt and Zoltán Kodály. The initiative results from an unprecedented partnership between PUCRS and the Honorary Consulate of Hungary in Rio Grande do Sul.

The University also opened its doors to the Vice Consul of Hungary in São Paulo, Szilárd Teleki, to the Adjunct Consul General and Commercial Consul of Hungary in São Paulo, Zsuzsanna László, and the Honorary Consul of Hungary for Rio Grande do Sul, Verônica Ruttkay Pereira. Before the recital, visitors were welcomed at the Great Hall by the President Br. Dr Evilázio Teixeira, and by the Senior Vice President, Dr Jaderson Costa da Costa. The Vice President for Extension and Community Affairs, Br. Marcelo Bonhemberger, the Dean of International Cooperation, Dr Heloísa Delgado, and the Director of the Institute of Culture, Dr Ricardo Barberena were present at the meeting, too.

Barberena, who came up with the idea of working closely with Hungary, is happy about the joint efforts with the consulate, as it reinforces one of the principles of the promotion of culture at the university: interculturality. “This type of event makes it possible for our students, faculty and community, in general, to learn more about the Hungarian culture, which is quite rich. The world needs more and more connections, it needs to learn from other cultures, learn and respect others”, adds he.

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