PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital and Oncoclínicas now partners to develop cancer treatment

Grupo Oncoclínicas has an exclusive partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

13/11/2019 - 10h09

Photo: Camila Cunha

The union between one of the best private universities in Brazil and the largest cancer group in the country. This is the result of the partnership involving PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital (HSL) and Oncoclínicas, officiated on Monday, Nov 4. This initiative has given birth to a new oncology center, featuring a chemotherapy unit and medical offices for patients, on the 2nd floor of the HSL’s Clinical Center. The facility will be home to private patients and patients on health care plans for treatment at HSL. Its operation will begin next week.

“The new facility initially consists of four offices and nine chemotherapy beds. It will also feature a highly qualified staff, as it will involve research teams from the Hospital and Oncoclínicas”, André Fay adds. Fay serves as a medical doctor at Oncoclínicas and Head of the Oncology Center at HSL.

This marks the beginning of the chemotherapy assistance to outpatients at HSL. One of its highlights will be a multidisciplinary team designed to provide integrated patient care, in every stage of the process. The center’s clinical staff relies on experience and recognition outside of Brazil, which are decisive factors in the provision of services and training of new professionals.

For clinical case discussions, the new structure will rely on one of the most renowned research centers for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the world, the US hospital Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Affiliated to Harvard Medical School, the institution has Oncoclínicas as its only partner in Latin America.

Patients of HSL’s new oncology center will benefit greatly from this partnership, as they will be able to go to any of the 67 Oncoclínicas units in 11 states in Brazil. In Rio Grande do Sul, it has three units in Porto Alegre and one in Canoas. Its highly qualified clinical staff specializes in more than 60 areas. Fay claims that the new center is just the first stage of a project between Oncoclínicas and PUCRS to make Porto Alegre a national reference in Oncology. 

About the São Lucas Hospital of PUCRS


Photo: Camila Cunha

The purpose of PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital has been to provide health care assistance, teaching and research in an integrated manner since its inauguration in Oct 1976. To this end, in over 40 years of existence, HSL has tried to keep up with the latest technology in terms of equipment, machines and management practices. It seeks to provide humanized assistance to adult and pediatric patients in almost all medical specialties, as it incorporates the Marist values to its actions. It is a general hospital of a philanthropic nature, home to over 18,000 people every day.

About Grupo Oncoclínicas

Founded in 2010, it is the largest cancer treatment group in Latin America. It specializes in oncology, radiotherapy and hematology and has offices in 11 Brazilian states. It currently has more than 67 units including clinics and hospital partnerships, offering individual research-based treatment, with a focus on patient safety and comfort.

Its clinical staff comprises more than 700 medical doctors. It also has multidisciplinary support teams which provide comprehensive care to patients. On top of that, in Brazil the Grupo Oncoclínicas has an exclusive partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the most renowned cancer research and treatment centers in the world, affiliated to Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. For further information, please visit www.grupooncoclinicas.com.


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