PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital among best hospitals in the country in international ranking

The World´s Best Hospitals 2021 ranked more than 2,000 hospitals all over the world

17/03/2021 - 16h20

PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital (HSL) is one of the 100 best hospitals in the country, according to The World´s Best Hospitals 2021 – Brazil, a ranking published in US magazine Newsweek and Statista, one of the largest and most respected companies all over the globe in the area of market data, business and consumption.  

The recently published ranking assessed 2,000 hospitals all over the world in the following categories:  

  • Hospital recommendations (provided by a survey of medical experts, including physicians, hospital managers, and health care professionals).  
  • Patient experience survey data and Medical performance metrics on hospitals.  

This is the ranking’s third edition and, in addition to Brazil, the best hospitals in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan and UK, among others, are included.  

For Leandro Firme, Head of HSL, it is such an honor for the Hospital to be in the position it is in the list. “We had an intense year, we beat many challenges and this recognition shows that we are on the right track. Despite the speed of spread and all the impacts of this pandemic, our team was and is still focused on providing the best experience for our customers ”.  

Leandro also adds that the quality and safety in the provision of assistance guide all everyday’s actions in the institution. “Still in 2020, our processes and practices were recertified by one of the most renowned international certification models in the world. We have invested in new and innovative services and we have also evolved in improving our technology park. I would like to commend our professionals’ dedication, commitment and courage to go the extra mile to continue fulfilling our mission: provide assistance and save lives every day ”. 

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