PUCRS researcher teaches a course on Communications in Portugal

Dr. Mágda Cunha served as visiting professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa

29/06/2022 - 11h43

Earlier in June, the School of Communications, Arts and Design (Famecos) professor and researcher, Dr. Mágda Cunha, served as a visiting professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), in Portugal. She taught the course Journalism Studies, for graduate students in Communication Sciences. Cunha also participated in the institution’s Committee for the Evaluation of the Faculty of Human Sciences.

PUCRS and UCP are partners in the area of researcher and student mobility. Mágda coordinated the seminar Radio in the New Media Ecosystem, which was offered remotely at the Portuguese university in 2020. She is now back in Portugal to teach in the graduate program in Communication Sciences (Master’s), one of the best programs in the area in Europe.

Some of the internationalization initiatives under the agreement between PUCRS and UCP include a double degree program on the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), with a dissertation defended in 2021, in the Graduate Program in Communications of PUCRS. A new double degree is being developed for a PhD student at the UCP. Also, the researcher and director of the Faculty of Human Sciences at UCP, Dr. Nelson Ribeiro, head of this partnership, was awarded a PUCRS-PrInt grant, and should be coming to PUCRS in October, as a visiting professor.

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