PUCRS professor to teach seminar at University of Oxford

José Luís Ferraro to address Foucauldian discourse analysis at renowned UK institution

31/01/2022 - 14h13

Ferraro maintains a consolidated partnership with the University of Oxford / Photo: Personal archive

Dr. José Luís Ferraro, School of Health and Life Sciences professor, and researcher with the Graduate Program in Education (School of Humanities) and Graduate Program in Science and Mathematics Education (School of Technology), will be holding the seminar titled Foucauldian Discourse Analysis in Education, on Feb 10, at University of Oxford, UK.

Ferraro was invited by St Hilda’s College professor, Dr. Victoria Elliot, who also serves as a researcher with the Department of Education of the British institution. The activity is being offered for graduate students and researchers affiliated to the department. The event is one of the activities developed under the university’s Qualitative Research Hub.

As a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Ferraro will be welcomed by Dr. Andrew Neal, researcher at the School of Social and Political Sciences. Dr. José Luis Ferraro will also be in Edinburgh, as an Academic Visitor, to hold the seminar Education, Security and Biopolitics for graduate students and researchers.

During his visit to the United Kingdom, the professor will promote his research in the Graduate Programs at PUCRS, to establish new research opportunities for the university.

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