PUCRS professor teaches health care professionals in Africa

Ana Elizabeth Figueiredo provided dialysis training for doctors and nurses and helps develop academic curriculum

11/10/2018 - 08h46

ana_figeiredo_sudaoSchool of Health Sciences professor Dr Ana Elizabeth Figueiredo, delivered a training program for doctors and nurses from Sudan (Africa). The 1-week course on dialysis featured theory and practicum work at Soba University Hospital and at Dr Salma Renal Center, the largest academic units for assistance to renal disease patients.

Figueiredo was in charge of teaching and helping implement a core curriculum for the Master’s degree for nurses in Nephrology. The program has an expected length of 2 years and is expected to begin in the beginning of 2019 to produce the new generations of nurses in the country. “We will be coming back here in the middle of next year to continue with it”, said she. This activity was offered in partnership with the Board of Medical Specialization of Sudan.

ana_figeiredo_sudao2Ana has been serving as Educational Ambassador of International Society of Nephrology (ISN) since July. According to her estimates, there are as many as 7,000 patients going through dialysis and, because of the economic conditions of the country, it is very difficult for nursing professionals to work on their continuous development overseas. Because of that, these professionals have very limited clinical experience. “ISN’s Educational Ambassador program seeks to provide health care development in these disadvantaged areas in order to improve the quality of life and safety of these patients. The joint curriculum will lead to new training sessions and the people who have benefited from it will serve as multipliers.

Ana Elizabeth also went to Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan to share expertise to improve the quality of the existing peritoneal dialysis programs, with the use of management tools. The sessions were offered by the Renal Quality Program, sponsored by Baxter Health Care – Asia.

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