PUCRS Professor investigates teaching methodologies at University of Barcelona

Bettina Steren dos Santos went to Spain as visiting professor on PUCRS-PrInt

11/03/2020 - 10h48

Photo: Personal archive

School of Humanities professor, Dr. Bettina Steren dos Santos, went to the Universitat de Barcelona in support of the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt). Santos is serving as as a visiting professor and is enjoying the opportunity to learn about innovative methodologies at the Spanish university and carry out research projects.

Bettina will be staying in Spain until Jun 2020 and will be working on an the research project Conectar la Universidad con el mundo y el aprender de los jóvenes, in partnership with Professor Juana Sancho, who came to PUCRS in Nov 2019 on PUCRS-PrInt. In the project, the researchers are studying the cartographies developed by undergraduate and graduate students at the University. Results are expected to be published later this year.

Bettina is also working on the development of a groundbreaking Higher Education teaching method. “I am attending some classes in the Master’s in Education and Arts. I have also done an interview with Professor Fernando Hernandez, who coordinated the research group Indagat, Grupo de Innovació Docente para la Indagació.

Bettina is working on the cooperation project Human Development: knowledges and practices for a world in motion, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexandre Guilherme. The project is associated with the priority area World in Motion: Individuals and Society.

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