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PUCRS Online brings University of Pennsylvania professor

Adrian Raine is one of the biggest exponents in biology of violence

12/12/2019 - 08h46

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

University of Pennsylvania, professor, Dr Adrian Raine, has come to PUCRS to teach in the following PUCRS Online courses: Neurosciences and Behavior and Criminal Law and Criminology. Raine serves as a professor at the Department of Criminology, Psychiatry and Psychology of UPenn and was welcomed on Tuesday, 10, by the Senior Vice President, Dr. Jaderson Costa da Costa, at the President’s Office’s Noble Hall.

At the meeting, Costa reinforced the institution’s interest in strengthening its ties with other institutions. He also highlighted the institution’s efforts to become a research university, as it collaborates with universities from all over the world, in a cross-sectional and interdisciplinary way.

Initiatives such as PUCRS-PrInt, Capes Saúde, academic mobility agreements and others are used to promote the internationalization of the campus and international cooperation. Raine also attended a meeting at the Office for International Cooperation, as he was welcomed by the Executive Coordinator, Mrs. Carla Cassol. He also did a tour of the Brain Institute of RS, in the company of researcher Pedro Lima.

About PUCRS Online

Raine will be teaching the following PUCRS Online courses: How Will the Future Deal with Violence? and Neuroscience and Crime. He has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University (UK) and a PhD in Psychology from York University (UK). His research interests include neurological, environmental and genetic factors underlying violent behavior. Raine has served as the President of the Academy of Experimental Criminology and has written the book Anatomy of Violence, which revisits studies that elucidate the factors that make people aggressive.