PUCRS offers courses for civic and inclusive development

Anthropology, human rights, ethics and humanism are some of the topics studied

27/01/2021 - 10h20
PUCRS offers courses for civic and inclusive development

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If we are to create a society that embraces its diversity, respects differences and knows how to coexist with and learn from other cultures and generations, we need to take people for what they are: human. Studying is then, one of the best ways to delve into topics associated with the complexity of life, social relations and philosophy, among others. Check out some of PUCRS’ undergraduate-level courses that address ethics, human rights and sustainability:

  1. Food and Culture (Alimentação e Cultura)
  2. Anthropology of Journalism (Antropologia do Jornalismo)
  3. Philosophical Anthropology I (Antropologia Filosófica I)
  4. Science and Society (Ciência e Sociedade)
  5. Communications and the Sociocultural Context (Comunicação e Contexto Sociocultural)
  6. Communication, Social and Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability (Comunicação, Responsabilidade Socioambiental e Sustentabilidade)
  7. Human Rights (Direitos Humanos)
  8. Human Rights in Contemporary Discussions (Direitos Humanos no Debate Contemporâneo)
  9. Physical Education, Body and Culture (Educação Física, Corpo e Cultura)
  10. Adapted Sports (Esporte Adaptado)
  11. Structuralism and Hermeneutics (Estruturalismo e Escola Hermenêutica)
  12. Applied Ethics (Ética Aplicada)
  13. Ethics and Civic Consciousness (Ética e Cidadania)
  14. Philosophy and General Ethics (Filosofia e ética geral)
  15. History and Diversity in Physical Education (História e Diversidade em Educação Física)
  16. Humanism and Religious Culture (Humanismo e cultura religiosa)
  17. Cooperative Games and Culture of Peace (Jogos Cooperativos e Cultura da Paz)
  18. Ethnic and Racial Relations and Affirmative Actions (Relações Étnico raciais e políticas afirmativas)
  19. Public Health II (Saúde Coletiva II)
  20. Food and Nutritional Safety (Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional)
  21. Seminar on Contemporary Sociology (Seminário de Sociologia Contemporânea)
  22. Social Work, Collective Practices and Social Movements (Serviço Social, Práticas Coletivas e Movimentos Sociais )
  23. Sustainability (Sustentabilidade)
  24. Contemporary Sociological Theories (Teorias Sociológicas Contemporâneas)
  25. Special Topics in Social Work: Internationalization and Human Mobility (Tópicos especiais em Serviço Social: Internacionalização e mobilidade humana)
  26. Integrated Health Care Work (Trabalho Integrado em Saúde)
PUCRS offers courses for civic and inclusive development

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Anchored in human rights, the mission of PUCRS is to produce and disseminate knowledge and promote human and professional development, with an eye to the development of a just and fraternal society. In the last two years, more than 80 actions and projects associated with diversity and human rights were carried out. Additionally, more than 7,900 scientific productions have been published on these topics in the last five years.

Career and life development through study

In addition to advancing students’ development by adding different points of view to foster creativity and innovation, raising awareness to current issues and the humanitarian scenario means being in line with the new expectations of the job market. Companies of different sizes are increasingly concerned with issues that go beyond profits, although the engagement with social impact issues can also be good for one’s pocket.

A study carried out by Accenture Strategy points out that 83% of Brazilians prefers to buy from brands that mirror their life values. 79% of that population expects that companies will embrace attitudes that are relevant to society, by dealing with issues associated with the environment, politics and culture. Companies with more diverse teams outperform those with less diversity at a rate of 21%, according to McKinsey research, one of the most relevant consultancy companies all over the world.

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