PUCRS offers 15 undergraduate courses in English

Internationalization in the classroom for students of all Schools

11/07/2018 - 08h38
Photos: Camila Cunha

Photos: Camila Cunha

An internationalized environment in the classroom fostering the exchange of experiences and cultures. Courses offered in English give the students the chance to learn the topics of the course in a language other than Portuguese, as they would if they were in another university. Not only will students improve technical language but also develop competences to work in a globalized world.

The undergraduate-level courses in English are an exact reproduction of their Portuguese version, in different areas. Instruction is delivered entirely in English and use the language as tool with focus on content. English must be seen as a means of communication. “That is not a course of English, but a course in English. The topics of the course need to be addressed in a foreign language, a common trend known as English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI). PUCRS, a world class University, has been increasingly adopting this tool”, says Gabriela Wallau, from the Office of Academic Development, under the Office of the Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Continued Education (Prograd), who teaches the courses Alternative Dispute: Resolution Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation and Business Law II: Corporations.

By choosing to take the course in English, students will be exempt from taking it in Portuguese. The disciplines can be taken by undergraduate students of PUCRS, international students on academic mobility and alumni, who could apply for it as an independent course. Because they are interdisciplinary, they are open for students from any programs. “My conflict resolution courses, for instance, can be of great value to Law School, Business, Communications, Psychology and Engineering students among others”, says Gabriela.

The course Creative Writing is a major success among students. Since 2015, as many as 150 students, including Brazilians and internationals, have completed it. As this is the only Creative Writing course in English, classes focus on genres such as essays, poetry, diaries, cinema and television scripts, as well as narrative fiction. “In addition to Modern Languages and Creative Writing degree students, we have undergraduates from Architecture, Medicine and Communications”, says Professor Bernardo Bueno, who coordinates the Creative Writing program.

A door to the world

2018_07_06-english_courses3Law School student Graciana Scarpellini Campos always tried to be in contact with English and with opportunities that would open her doors to a graduate program overseas. And then, the course on Alternative Dispute Resolution aroused her interest because it was delivered in a language other than Portuguese and because it was more interactive as it featured more discussions and student participation. “I did the course in the 3rd semester, early in 2017, and identified a lot with it. Shortly after the beginning of classes, I signed up for an arbitration team, joined the group and took part in my first international competition in November, the FDI Moot, in Boston. I was sure I was going to find my place in the area of Law Studies”, says she.

Graciana also served as speaker for Vis Moot, in Vienna and in 2018, will be heading to Stockholm for FDI Moot. “The knowledge I gained in the course and the Legal English insights were essential for my preparation. I want to go on taking part in competitions”, says she. These experiences served for her to come in contact with outstanding professionals in the area of international law and to find internships and development opportunities. “Not only did this course English give us an incredible opportunity to join the arbitration team of PUCRS, but also, provided me with the feeling of belonging to the area that I chose.”

Theses in English

Photo: Camila Cunha

Photo: Camila Cunha

Creative Writing student, Vitória Pieretti, from the School of Humanities, decided to employ her English competency to take a more relaxed course such as Creative Writing. “All in all, the course is a summary of the entire program in one. So, it presents several things from the beginning of the program I could no longer remember. It was good to brush up and gain more experience writing in English”, comments the student who also took English Language Literature IV. “I have always loved the language and needed to practice more, both speaking and writing. So, these courses in English have been great”, complements she.

Vitória is enjoying this opportunity to prepare for a Master’s in the UK or in the US in the future as she realizes the importance of English for a competitive market. “The moment I learned the undergraduate thesis could be written in any language, I chose the creative aspect of English because I like to write in English more than I do in Portuguese. I need to make sure that my writing is good since I intend to continue working in English. In view of that, there is nothing better than an undergraduate defense committee to judge it”, says she.

Courses in English – 2018/2

Code  Credits  Course
24590 4 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation
2335R 4 Audio for Motion Images
242BQ 4 Business Law II – Corporations
2541V 4 Corporate Strategy
12286 2 Creative Writing
24652 2 Criminology and Social Control
2325G 2 Digital Culture
4611J 4 Digital Entrepreneurship
44665 2 Human Rights and Social Issues
2211F 4 Modeling for 3D Printing
24188 2 Philosophy of Law
2541U 4 Project Management
1433M 4 Psychology Education: Learning
121AF 2 Theories in Language Acquisition
4811E 2 Urban Experiences

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