PUCRS now partners with German university

ASH-Berlin is recognized in the areas of social service, research methods and social policies in health care and assistance

19/03/2018 - 08h17
Agreement - PUCRS and Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Bettina Völter and Hermílio Santos

PUCRS students will have another study abroad opportunity to choose from: the highly qualified Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin (ASH-Berlin). The agreement was signed in the German capital, in the presence of Prof. Hermílio Santos, coordinator of PUCRS’ Center of Economic and Social Analyses (Caes), who represented the institution.

The cooperation agreement is such an important partnership with an institution that has more than 100 years of existence, and is devoted to the production of professionals in the area of social policies, health care and assistance. “ASH-Berlin relies on a vast tradition in the study and engagement with populations at risk, especially migrants and refugees in Berlin. This new partnership will make it possible for PUCRS students to spend one semester there”, says Santos.

Surprisingly, in 2018, two undergraduate students from ASH-Berlin will be coming to PUCRS for one semester. And, at the end of the year, two PUCRS students will have the chance to go to Germany. One of the two students might be eligible for a monthly stipend of 350 € from ASH-Berlin. “This is such an important agreement for the internationalization of PUCRS, as the partner university is located in Berlin, one of the most important cultural and political centers of Europe, which has become quite a dynamic city after the reunification of Germany”, adds Santos.

Santos adds that there are ongoing joint activities in progress. Professor Bettina Völter, Vice President of Research and International Cooperation of ASH-Berlin, for instance, has come to PUCRS twice, as a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in Social Sciences, and has also served as a co-organizer of an issue of the journal Civitas, which features two articles by her.

Santos has visited the German institution twice. In 2016, he was invited for conferences and, in January 2018, returned to Germany for other conferences and an exhibit of the documentary Infância Falada. The documentary was directed by Professor Santos and Kamila Almeida, a graduate student. It has been produced by Caes and by Conta Pra Mim Filmes, fruit of the investigation Infância e Violência: Cotidiano de Crianças Pequenas em Favelas do Rio de Janeiro, Recife e São Paulo.

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