PUCRS makes presence felt in international event on Social Sciences

Social Work professor presented research on women's historical fight for equality in Brazil

28/08/2019 - 09h22

2019_08_27-isabel_beliniThe School of Humanities’ Professor Dr Maria Isabel Barros Bellini represented PUCRS in an event at the Université Paris Diderot, France. The coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Center for Research on Labor, Health and Intersectorality presented a paper at the 7th International Congress on Social Sciences (GKA SOCIAL 2019). The paper Clandestine abortion and the right to health Patriarchalism and citizenship a historical struggle of Brazilian women, was developed in partnership with student of the Graduate Program in Social Work (PPGSS) Gessiane Pereira Casali.

Her participation in GKA SOCIAL 2019 received the support of by Fapergs and PPGSS. The event is organized in different countries by a network of scholars from European universities of excellence with the aim of getting researchers to look at several social and political contexts in Social Sciences research. “The Network of Researchers and Professors has a multidisciplinary nature and its mission is to build knowledge on the main problems, challenges and phenomena that the contemporary society is involved in. Therefore, it is in line with my interests in studies and research on population health, health care, vulnerability and abuse, and interprofessional education in health, ” Maria Isabel says.

The 2019 edition featured professionals from more than 20 countries. The next edition will be held at the University of Vienna, Austria, in Jul 2020.

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