PUCRS launches unprecedented initiative involving Embassy of Australia in Brazil

Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia will become reference in Latin America

14/07/2020 - 10h47

Peças_Centro de Internacionalização_4 Card Face Eng (2)On Wednesday, Jul 15, the Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia will be open to public in a virtual ceremony. The Center results from an unprecedented initiative between PUCRS and the Australian Embassy in Brazil. With the aim of becoming a reference hub in the internationalization of education for Latin America, the center celebrates the mutual interest in promoting and advancing the development of international education and research in the area. 

Associated with the School of Humanities and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Marília Morosini, the initiative will be an opportunity to connect PUCRS’ researchers with Australian educational institutions, development agencies and technology parks. In addition, the new research structure will allow the development of joint projects, collaboration agreements, as well as training programs and extension projects, in an effort to advance mobility and exchange between researchers, faculty and students. 

Marília emphasizes that the new partnership between PUCRS and the Embassy of Australia will pave the way for a solid and unique network in Latin America. It will develop scholarship in the Southern Hemisphere with a direct impact on the quality of the training of students and researchers. 

Brazil-Australia connections 

Some of the goals of the Center are: to contribute to the improvement of research and educational activities between Brazil and Australia; to develop expertise and to share practices of world reference in education; to consolidate research networks and to promote intercultural education and academic exchanges. 

It will develop its activities in two areas: Education and Public and Institutional Policies. While the former seeks to develop the didactic and pedagogical part of internationalization, with a focus on methodologies, development and evaluation of learning results, teacher and student qualification, the latter looks at models of governance and management of higher education from internationalization strategies to the evaluation of internationalization process, based on international comparative references. 

Online opening 

The launch event will be streamed from 6:30 PM (Brazil – GMT-3) on PUCRS’ official Youtube channel. It will be held in English, with the presence of President Br. Evilázio Teixeira and the Australian Ambassador to Brazil Mr. Timothy Kane. The opening lecture, The challenges of integrating the international, intercultural and global dimensions in the purpose and educational deliveries in world 4.0, will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Betty Leask. Leask is an Australian researcher recognized for coordinating the global Curriculum Internationalization movement. 

She received the title of Professor Emerita in the area of ​​internationalization of higher education by La Trobe University, in Melbourne, Australia, and is a researcher at the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) at Boston College, in the USA. She developed a model of internationalization of the curriculum (2010), which used by several universities all over the world. Betty also serves as Chief Editor of the Journal of Studies in International Education, one of the most important publications in the field.