PUCRS laboratory accredited by MIT

FabLab Freezone now featured in international network

16/11/2018 - 08h54
Photos: Camila Cunha

Photos: Camila Cunha

Ideia’s laboratory FabLab Freezone, was accredited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Global Network. It is now part of an international network, accountable to one of the largest global centers of innovation. As a result, the number of users will see an increase and so will the interest in joining a larger group of potential entrepreneurs, both internal and external ones.

The global network congregates offices in all corners of the planet with a focus on offering entrepreneurs laboratory processes and tools to seek new solutions or even solve problems. Their activities will encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. “One of the highlights of FabLab is that it includes an open day for the community in its agenda. As for FreeZone, this open day will be on Fridays, in the afternoon”, says Dr Eduardo Giugliani, Director of Idea.


freezone-1008FreeZone was born out of a science and technology project of the State Department of Science and Information Technology of the Government of RS, which earned the institution the resources that were used in investments in this area. The goal was to offer companies incubated at Raiar, now renamed to Tecnopuc Startups, an area that is more qualified and open to the development of prototypes. “As the interest in the project was awakened as it met the MIT’s requirements to be certified as a global network, we chose to make it a FabLab”, explains Giugliani.

Today, this area is in high demand among startups, PUCRS students, researchers and professors as well as companies. Several academic activities are now being offered there. Besides, just like the Coworking Area, Freezone is also embraced by the Alliance for Innovation of Porto Alegre, part of the PoaHub.