PUCRS celebrates agreement with German Sport University Cologne

Partnership will allow Dr. Nelson Todt to join GSUC's Master's in Olympic Studies as faculty

21/07/2022 - 13h21

Photos: Matheus Gomes

On Monday (18), PUCRS welcomed the director of the Olympic Study Center of German Sport University Cologne, Dr. Stephan Wassong. The purpose of the visit was to sign a cooperation agreement between the German institution and PUCRS’ Research Group on Olympic Studies (GPEO). One of the leading experts in the field of Olympic Studies, School of Health and Life Sciences researcher, Dr. Nelson Todt, was invited to contribute as head faculty of the Ethics, Values and Olympic Education Module, in the Master’s in Olympic Studies of the German institution.

The visitor was welcomed at the Great Hall of the President’s Office by Br. Manuir Mentges, who celebrated the cooperation between PUCRS and the only German university specialized in sport and exercise science. The meeting was also attended by GPEO’s deputy leader, Dr. Alessandra Scarton, the Tecnopuc’s (Science and Technology Park of PUCRS) Business and Relationship Manager, Dr. Leandro Pompermaier, the Deputy Coordinator of the Office for International Cooepration, Dr. Carla Bonan, and Dr. Todt.

Stephan Wassong serves as a full professor at the German Sport University Cologne, and director of the Institute for the History of Sport and the Center for Olympic Studies. The professor is also president of the Pierre de Coubertin International Committee and, since 2015, has been a member of the Olympic Education Commission of the International Olympic Committee. The professor also visited Living 360º, the Main Library, Tecnopuc, and the Center for European and German Studies with a reception by School of Humanities researcher, Dr. Roberto Pich.

Olympic Studies on focus

Todt will teach in one of the most prestigious study programs in the field of Olympic Studies in the world, which is supported by the International Olympic Committee. At PUCRS, the professor coordinates the Research Group on Olympic Studies (GPEO). The group has developed interdisciplinary research for over 20 years in the area and is in line with the Brazilian Pierre de Coubertin Committee, which since 2008 has been headquartered at PUCRS. This line of research has allowed the establishment of relationships and the recognition of institutions such as the UN, the Vatican and the International Olympic Committee.

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