PUCRS appears as best private university in Top of Mind critics’ choice

Tecnopuc fares well in Top Executivo and MCT in Top Porto Alegre in brand perception survey

29/05/2019 - 08h17
Ana Benso represented the University / Images: Marcos Nagelstein/Agência Preview

Ana Benso represented the University / Images: Marcos Nagelstein/Agência Preview

PUCRS is the #1 brand in Rio Grande do Sul both in the on-site and online survey in the category private university in Top of Mind 2019. The survey is promoted by Grupo Amanhã. The institution stayed atop for the fifth year in a row and, this year, it fared well on the internet, too. This was the first time the survey included an online questionnaire. 17 categories, out of 77 that were included in the survey, presented different results for the on-site and online survey. Additionally, PUCRS ranked 3rd in the category professional training. Senac took the 1st position, having Sebrae as a runner-up. The award was given on May 23. Dr Ana Benso, Academic and Administrative Director of the Office of the Vice President of Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education, represented PUCRS in the ceremony.

This year, the 22nd edition featured 13 new sub-categories in the category Top Executivo. The sub-category technology park earned Tecnopuc an award. The University was represented by the Superintendent of Innovation and Development, Dr Jorge Audy. Once again, the Top of Mind Porto Alegre, the Science and Technology Museum (MCT) appears as the most popular museum. The director of MCT, Dr Carlos Alberto de Lucena, made his presence felt at the event.

The president of Grupo Amanhã, Jorge Polydoro, claims that the survey tells a bit of the history of the brands of Rio Grande do Sul. “We show that the intangible values and customer relationship are relevant to present the position of a company in the market”, he said, as he highlighted the pioneering role of this survey in Brazil. The Top of Mind has been around for 29 years. 36,800 brands have been cited and 2,535 have been awarded. The event has opened its doors to 11,900 guests over the course of its history, having interviewed 34,100 people.

Other recipients of the award can be checked here.


The survey is carried out by Engaje. The respondents of the interview were asked to share the name or brand they had in mind when they thought of a private university, for instance. 1,200 people of all social classes, aged 16-75, have been interviewed in different regions of the state. The method was replicated for internet users in the online survey. For Porto Alegre brands, 600 people in 75 areas of the city were interviewed.

As for Top Executivo, the presidents, vice presidents and / or directors of the 100 largest companies in Rio Grande do Sul were surveyed. These companies are listed in the list 500 Maiores do Sul, published in partnership with PwC.

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