Professors from Aarhus University, Denmark, teach at PUCRS

The graduate-level course Translational Psychiatry will take place on January 5th and 6th, 2022

13/12/2021 - 16h03

Professor at PUCRS’ School of Medicine Rodrigo Grassi works as a professor at Aarhus University / Photo: Release

On January 5 – 6, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Brasília time, GMT-3), professors from Aarhus University, Denmark, and from the School of Medicine of PUCRS will be teaching a graduate-level course on Translational Psychiatry.

The course will be taught in English and is open to Master’s and doctoral students from all graduate programs at PUCRS and is open to international students from partner institutions. International students will be able to join classes remotely (via Zoom).

Seats are limited. International students interested in signing up can get in touch by email at [email protected].


The course will specifically promote: (1) an appreciation for the role of experimental and basic science studies of the brain in understanding psychiatric disorders; (2) knowledge on drug treatments available for psychiatric disorder; (3) an understanding of the neurobiology of mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, stress-related disorders and addictions; (4) awareness of current research upon drugs of abuse with emphasis upon cannabinoids and the debate regarding the use of such drugs for medicinal purposes.


Prof. Dr. Gregers Wegener

Head of the Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit of the Department of Clinical Medicine of Aarhus University. His interests include psychiatric disorders and neuropharmacology. His research aims at understanding the neurobiology behind depression and anxiety with special attention on the interaction of genetic and environmental factors, with emphasis of understanding and developing novel rapid-acting therapeutics; transgenerational health; and the interface between somatic (e.g. diabetes) with special focus on mental health disorders.

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Grassi de Oliveira

Professor at PUCRS (Graduate Program in Medicine and Health Sciences; Graduate Program in Psychology); Brain Institute of RS researcher; currently serves as associate professor and researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark. His studies relate lasting changes in the immune and neuroendocrine systems resulting from early exposure to severe stressors and behavioral and cognitive changes.

Prof. Dr. Samia Joca

Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedicine of Aarhus University, Denmark, and Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Joca has been working on the rapid and sustained antidepressant effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) and its mechanisms.

Prof. Dr. Thiago Wendt Viola

Professor at the School of Medicine of PUCRS, and member of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (DCNL). His research focuses on the cognitive, neurobiological and epigenetic consequences of stressors and adverse experiences throughout child development, in clinical and pre-clinical models.

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