Professor from Universidad de Antioquia, from Colombia, joins activities in the Business School

Juan Velez-Ocampo came to the University through the Innovation Ecosystems Dynamics in Developing Countries project

27/03/2023 - 10h51

Photo: Matheus Gomes

Last week, PUCRS welcomes professor Juan Velez-Ocampo, from Universidad de Antioquia, from Colombia. The professor integrates the Innovation Ecosystems Dynamics in Developing Countries project, funded by CAPES in the Strategic Scientific Cooperation Program with Sul Global/COOPBRAS.

Velez-Ocampo was welcomed this last Thursday, the 23rd, in the Office for International Cooperation by the Executive Coordinator Carla Bonan. The researcher was accompanied by professors Ana Clarissa Mattes, Edimara Mezzomo and Lucas Roldan, responsible for the development of the cooperation project at PUCRS.

At the meeting, they discussed the possibility of welcoming and sending professors through the PUCRS-PrInt Institutional Project of Internationalization, since the Colombian university is in the partner list, collaborating in the healthcare area. In addition to the visit, the professor also gave the lecture Gobernanza, Sostenibilidad y Ciudades for students and professors from the Business School.

On the international project

The international project Innovation Ecosystems Dynamics in Developing Countries integrates PUCRS, UFRGS, UNISINOS, Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa), and aims at expanding knowledge on governance dynamics in innovation ecosystems in developing countries. In October 2022, the Business School professors and the doctorate student Rosiane Palacios went to the Colombian university through the project. In April 2022, PUCRS welcomed Stellenbosch University professor, Christle de Beer, from South Africa.

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