Orlando City Soccer School opens its doors at PUCRS Sports Park

School will provide training to youth ages 3-21 using US standards and calendar

13/08/2018 - 09h15

Orlando City Soccer SchoolPUCRS is now partners with Orlando City Soccer School. A unit at PUCRS Sports Park is opennig its doors in August 13. The idea is to assist in the training of youth aged 3-21, on methods and calendar scientifically developed in the US and used by the professional leagues.

Pedro Viana, representative of Orlando City Soccer School in Rio Grande do Sul, claims that the School is looking for students who want to learn about soccer, regardless of how good or bad they are at it. “We seek to encourage diversity so that students can develop their skills and have fun while they’re practicing as they joyfully learn something new”, says he. Former midfielders of the Brazilian national soccer team Kaká and Júlio Baptista are among the notable players who have played for the Orlando City Soccer Club.

Teachers and coaches have been carefully selected and trained in view of the standards required for both the youth and professional leagues of the USA. The training venues are equipped with state-of-the-art structures, quality and safety. The School will sit an area equipped with six Football 7-a-side pitches with synthetic turf, one regular synthetic turf pitch, a FIFA optimal-size natural grass field and six covered multisport pitches for soccer classes.

Orlando City Soccer SchoolThis action at PUCRS will serve for the US school to strengthen their ties with Brazil and share the same values that are taught in America. Training sessions will address both the technical and physical aspects of the sport and special attention will be given to its moral aspects. An innovative aspect of the program is that some of the classes will be partly taught in English, the language they are taught in the US. “Discipline and awareness of the importance of doing sports in school life are highly valued by Americans”, comments Viana.

Other actions are also expected. For instance, the program Soccer Camps will make it possible for member of the backroom staff to come from the US to PUCRS. Brazilian professors will also be able to do internships at Orlando City Soccer Club and students who are proficient in English will have the chance to sign up for special training programs to apply for a scholarship (high school or university) in the USA.

The History of Orlando City Soccer Club

Founded in 2010, Orlando City Soccer Club is based in Orlando, Florida (USA). In 2013, it was bought by Brazilian entrepreneur Flávio Augusto da Silva. On Nov 19, 2013, the club was announced as the league’s 21st franchise. It hosted its first Major League Soccer (MLS) game in 2015, against New York City.

On Mar 5, 2017, Orlando City Stadium opened its doors for the first time. More than 25,000 spectators watched Orlando City beat New York City FC 1 to 0. Shortly after the opening, the stadium hosted the Women’s Soccer National league and a qualifying match for the World Cup.

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