Online-only teaching until end of semester

Gradual resumption of in-person activities only for mandatory internships, practicum work and some university services

22/09/2020 - 10h13

In view of the wishes of the academic community, the regulations of the public authorities and the instability of Covid-19 indicators in Porto Alegre – which is now back to red flag – , the University has decided to continue offering remote classes online until the end of this semester. “We were very attentive to our community when we made this decision. We are still in an uncertain scenario. Because of that, we cannot make any predictions and ensure any degree of safety to change the existing model”, the President Br. Evilázio Teixeira says.

Practical activities, research activities and internships will continue to be resumed gradually, as authorized by Municipal Decree No. 20,625. Some support services and study and work environments will be available as of the month of October. The same precautions that PUCRS has taken so far in guiding and promoting each one’s responsibility will be used again. More details about the services and areas that will be available should be revealed by the end of this month.

Check out the guidelines to be followed by each area

  • UNDERGRADUATE: lectures will be delivered remotely; practicum activities will be resumed in the coming months following PROGRAD’s guidelines.
  • GRADUATE AND RESEARCH: lectures will be delivered remotely; practicum activities will be resumed in the coming months following PROPESQ’s guidelines; laboratories are authorized to open for research and for graduate-level research that cannot be carried out remotely. The guidelines for the development of research activities can be accessed here.
  • CERTIFICATE: classes will start in October according to each program’s specific schedule. A remote model has been specially developed and will be adopted until face-to-face classes can be resumed safely for faculty and students. This model will ensure the teaching and learning process and interactions between students and faculty. Details about the each program, the platform to be used and the virtual learning environment will be communicated individually, by email, up to three days before the programs begin.
  • EXTENSION (LANGUAGES AND OTHER PROGRAMS): will continue to be offered remotely according to the institution’s guidelines.
  • SPORTS PARK: after Decree No. 20683 dated Aug 10, regulating the operation of activities in the city of Porto Alegre, the activities of the Swimming School, Orlando City Soccer School, gym, and tennis courts are opening gradually.
  •  STAFF ACTIVITIES AND OTHER UNIVERSITY STRUCTURES: because they are different and follow specific regulations, different realities apply for the other fronts of action of the University. Some activities have been developed in person since the beginning because they are essential. Others, however, are being developed remotely. Finally, staff members of some specific departments are now taking turns in the delivery of in-person activities. In this scenario, leaders are taking the appropriate actions to resume in-person work.

Risk prevention and reduction

Over the past months, not only was PUCRS concerned about keeping the levels of excellence in remote classes, but it also made the necessary changes to protect the professionals who perform essential activities on Campus, as it followed strict prevention and protection protocols. Check out a summary of the actions carried out by PUCRS:

  • Enforced strict compliance with the recommendations of public bodies, professional entities and current legislation;
  • Created the Institutional Plan of Risk Prevention and Reduction;
  • Implemented of the Center for Emergency Health Operations for COVID-19 cases;
  • Set up clear and legible signposts and labels in all environments;
  • Supplied necessary PPE for professionals, researchers and students;
  • Implemented new hygiene and disinfection protocols and adapted existing models.

“We took all the necessary measures to make our Campus a safe environment. But the containment of the disease depends on the responsible actions of each one of us, wherever we are. Thus, I reinforce the importance of prevention”, the President reinforces. The University remains attentive to the public power’s recommendations and regulations and prioritizes the health and well-being of the university community.