Norwegian representative visits PUCRS to discuss innovation

Morten Skjelbred from Nord University met with Tecnopuc officers

15/06/2022 - 11h39

Photo: Thais Gonçalves

Morten Skjelbred, Senior Consultant for Research and Development and CEO of the Innovation Agency at Nord University (Norway), was welcomed at the Office for International Cooperation to learn more about PUCRS’ facilities and initiatives. In his first visit to the University, he had the chance to learn more about PUCRS’ Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc). Skjelbred’s discussed opportunities for cooperation between PUCRS and the Norwegian institution.

Representatives of the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS), who invited him, were also present during the visit. IFRS Professor and Adjunct Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation, Dr. Marilia Bonzanini Bossle, and IFRS Professor and Research Coordinator, Dr. Humberto Jorge de Moura Costa, also came to PUCRS to strengthen ties and discuss possibilities in the area of ​​innovation and development.

About Nord University

Since 2016, Nord University has been working on innovation and research through cooperation with a network of international partners. The institution is located in Nordland and Trondelag counties, Norway, and has more than 10,000 students and 1,000 faculty and staff. The university is recognized in the country for being a reference in the area of ​​Biological Sciences and for its innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.

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