Neuropsychology under discussion

Université Laval professor, Maximiliano Wilson, opened the conference

03/04/2018 - 18h35

2018_03_26_jornada1The 2nd Jornada Gaúcha de Neuropsicologia (Rio Grande do Sul Series of Conferences on Neuropsychology) brought together 400 professionals from different areas – Psychology, Medicine, Education, Psychopedagogy and Speech and Language Pathology – on Mar 22-23, to discuss advancements in the area, as they addressed issues such as brain development and cognitive functions (such as memory, executive functions, attention, perception and oral and written language). Organized by School of Health Sciences professors Dr Rochele Paz Fonseca and Dr Danielle Irigoyen da Costa, and by postdoctoral fellow Dr Renata Kochhann, the event featured guests advocating several theories and practical approaches in areas such as child neuropsychology and the superagers (people aged 80+ with no health problems or cognitive decline).

2018_03_26_jornada_maximilianoThe series of conferences was opened by Dr Maximiliano Wilson, from Université Laval (Canada), who spoke about Reading neuropsychology: why is it so important to read?. Neuropsychology of learning with game-boosted executive functions, differential diagnosis of light cognitive commitment and cutting-edge neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging of Alzheimer’s disease, neuropsychology of mood disorders, among others.


10 years of GNCE

The event served to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology Group (GNCE), of the Graduate Program in Psychology of PUCRS, coordinated by Dr Rochele Paz Fonseca. As many as 10 PhDs and 20 other graduate students, in addition to 100 undergraduate students, had the chance to join the group. These students had the chance to experience scientific research in this promising area for the job market because of its clinical, educational and social relevance.


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