Meeting celebrates the 74th anniversary of PUCRS and the launch of its Strategic Plan for the coming years

In the event, University employees were brought together and novelties in the teaching portfolio were presented

11/11/2022 - 09h12

Br. Evilázio Teixeira / Photo: Giordano Toldo

An event held this Wednesday (9) at PUCRS Events Center brought together University employees to celebrate the institution’s anniversary, the launch of its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, and novelties in the teaching portfolio. The celebration was specially prepared to mark the beginning of a new cycle, paths for its 75th year.

The President of the University, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, thanked all staff for their presence and stressed that PUCRS is now where it is because, over 74 years, all the people who work and have worked at the institution have built its past and present, making a history that will be eternal. “We know that it is people, not plans, that make projects happen. We have been here for 74 years to generate and transform knowledge into social, environmental, cultural, and economic development. We are here to prepare people who can change the world for the better. That’s what we can’t lose sight of! If we do not understand education as one of the noblest means of preparing and empowering people so that they can transform our reality for the better, then everything else loses meaning”, he highlighted.

PUCRS’ Senior Vice President, Br. Manuir Mentges, introduced the presentation of the Strategic Plan for the next five years and highlighted that planning is like a link between the University’s tradition and the future that needs to be built. “It is a link between what we are and what we can be, between what we have already done and what still needs to be done. A beacon in the midst of the uncertainties of our time, in troubled scenarios, in a dynamic reality that is full of challenges”, he completed. He also presented the core elements of the plan: mission, vision, and values.

To guide the institution’s operations for the next five years, the Institutional Strategic Plan and Unit plans are being consolidated. During the event, the Planning and Evaluation advisor Silvio Langer and the Communications advisor Lidiane Amorim presented the strategic drivers of the map:

  • Excellence on all fronts.
  • Inclusive, plural and creative university community.
  • People at the heart of every experience.
  • Driver of scientific development for society.
  • Competitive and sustainable portfolio, connected to the demands of our time.
  • Agile management committed to results.
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance Responsibility.
  • Economic and financial soundness of schools and units.

Br. Manuir Mentges / Photo: Giordano Toldo

Adriana Kampff, the University’s Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education, presented the teaching portfolio and a series of news. Check out some of the highlights:

  • 55+ Undergraduate Programs.
  • 170+ Specialization and MBA options.
  • 500+ Certifications, in our short- and medium-term courses.
  • 10 Language options at different levels.
  • 20 Master’s Programs.
  • 20 Doctoral Programs.
  • 60 Specialization and MBA options.
  • 400+ Certifications.
  • 10 Language options at different levels.

The event was hosted by Winnie Ferreira, a student and communicator from the Polytechnic School, and was also attended by a special guest, alumna Alice Bastos Neves. A communicator at the RBSTV Network, she has a degree in Journalism from PUCRS School of Communication, Arts and Design, Famecos. She has had different experiences at the University and left a special message for the public: “Young students like me need PUCRS to pursue their dreams. Professionals like I am today need PUCRS to specialize and qualify even more; women like me, who have gone through painful diseases, need facilities like the Brain Institute, Hospital São Lucas, the Rehabilitation Center and many others, as well as qualified healthcare professionals like the PUCRS graduates who saved my life”.

The Livn Band, a band formed by PUCRS students, closed the event with a special concert.

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