Keio University welcomed at President’s Office’s Great Hall

Japanese researchers discussed agreement possibilities with PUCRS

09/08/2022 - 14h14

Photo: Matheus Gomes

On Thursday, Aug 4, Dr. Masato Yasui and Dr. Jin Nakahara, Director and Vice-Director of Keio University Global Research Institute, Japan, came to PUCRS to discuss new possibilities for academic mobility in undergraduate and graduate programs. They were welcomed at the Great Hall of the President’s Office by Br. Evilázio Teixeira and the coordinator of the PUCRS’ Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology (IGG) PUCRS, Dr. Douglas Kazutoshi Sato.

PUCRS and Keio University have been partners since 2019, when Dr. Jin Nakahara came here to teach the extension program in Advanced Neuroimaging. Several cooperation initiatives have been developed ever since, including Dr. Douglas Sato’s participation as a panelist at the International Symposium: Global aging, Healthy aging – Where we are and where we are going, at Keio University.

Visitors and guests had the chance to discuss new possibilities for partnerships in a meeting at the Office for International Cooperation, with a reception by the Deputy Executive Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Carla Denise Bonan. Then, they did a tour of the university and visited the Main Library, the Science and Technology Park of PUCRS (Tecnopuc), the Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul  (BraIns) and IGG. At Tecnopuc, they met with School of Health and Life Sciences researcher, Dr. Rafael Baptista, and the Business and Negotiation specialist, Daniela Carolina Eckert, to learn more about the initiatives in innovation, research and technology. After that, the visited BraIns, in the company of Dr. Daniel Marinowic and Dr. Gabriele Goulart Zanirati.

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