Ireland mission brings PUCRS closer to Mary Immaculate College

Executive Coordinator of Office for International Cooperation went to Ireland in May

18/06/2019 - 08h32

2019_06_14_heloisa_delgado_mic_1The Executive Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation, Dr Heloísa Delgado, joined a mission at Mary Immaculate College (MIC), in Limerick, Ireland. Heloísa was awarded an Erasmus + Visiting Professor grant and participated in several academic and institutional activities in May.

Heloísa taught the webinar Educational technology in focus to language educators and education enthusiasts. Following the presentation, a joint forum between PUCRS and MIC on language education should be put into practice in 2019 to discuss active methodologies, formative assessment and technological inclusion.

She also took part in several meetings at the institution in order to strengthen the cooperation ties. One of the ideas she had in mind in her visit to Ireland was to invite a MIC faculty to teach two courses in Applied Linguistics for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Humanities’ Letters program.

In addition, in view of the excellent reputation of the Irish university in Education, some possible projects in cooperation may take off. The design of an educational management program involving faculty of PUCRS and the Irish university should also be discussed in the coming months.

Heloísa highlighted the importance of the visit and the new possibilities that the collaboration with MIC might bring about. “Both institutions have the potential for reciprocal cooperation, as they stand out for their excellence in areas of mutual interest. In addition, MIC wishes to cooperate with Brazilian universities, especially PUCRS, “she adds.

The partnership between PUCRS and MIC

PUCRS has been working on this partnership with MIC since 2010 through the academic mobility of faculty and students as well as cooperation projects. In 2010, PUCRS was home to the 9th Corpus Linguistics Conference, which featured Dr Anne O’Keefe da MIC, as a guest speaker. Since then, the Director of International Relations of the Irish University, Holly Cowman, visited PUCRS a couple of times and in 2018 came to the University as a guest speaker for Conexões Internacionais.

In Jan 2019, Modern Languages student, Juliana Matias won an academic mobility scholarship  to go to MIC. The exclusive opportunity came from the School of Humanities and from the Office of International Cooperation, amid the cooperation projects with the Irish institution. Also in 2019, MIC PhD student Giovani Santos came for a doctoral internship in the Graduate Program in Letters of PUCRS.

In November this year, the President of MIC, Eugene Wall and Holly are expected to visit PUCRS. The meeting aims to fully consolidate the already existing partnership between the two institutions.