International students begin new semester at PUCRS

More than 50 students from 10 different countries have joined PUCRS' face-to-face and virtual mobility programs

02/03/2022 - 13h27

The new students come from 10 different countries / Image: reproduction

The first semester of 2022 has begun for the 52 international students enrolled in the mobility programs at PUCRS. The welcome session for students occurred on Feb 23, at the Office for International Cooperation. Students had the chance to learn a little more about the study life at the university and interact with other colleagues.

Overall, 48 students signed up for the Virtual Mobility Program and 4 other students will complete on-site face mobility on the Main Campus in Porto Alegre. They come from 10 different countries: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, France, Austria, Germany and Sweden.

The most popular courses for Virtual Mobility are Portuguese as an Additional Language I and II. In this modality, students will be attending the classes remotely, but will be able to connect with their peers and staff from the Office for International Cooperation. 27 of these students will be coming back for a second semester at PUCRS.

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