International students begin new semester at PUCRS

22 students from 8 countries enrolled in study abroad program on-site and 39 online

04/08/2022 - 14h34

Photos: Matheus Gomes

International students enrolled in the Academic Mobility program have arrived on Campus. Overall, the 22 students come from 8 countries: Germany, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, France and Mexico. Another 39 will join the virtual mobility program and enroll in the program Portuguese as an Additional Language 1 and 2.

The Orientation Seminar organized by the Office for International Cooperation (ECI) occurred from Aug 2 – 3, as students had the chance to take a tour of the University, visiting sites such as the Main Library, Tecnopuc, Science and Technology Museum and the Sports Park. The group also took a tour of the city of Porto Alegre. The new Buddy Program volunteers also joined the welcoming session and will help the international students during their stay at PUCRS. The welcome cocktail occurred at the Leisure Center with a speech by the ECI coordinator, Dr. Carla Bonan. She wished students a wonderful stay, hoping they could enjoy all the possibilities the university has to offer.

Study abroad in 2023

Just like international students will be at PUCRS this semester, PUCRS students also have the possibility to study a semester abroad on the Academic Mobility Program. Registration for the program in 2023 end on Aug 10 (Edital 1) and Sept 1 (Edital 2).

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