InCare: PUCRS platform helps identify Covid-19 symptoms

With this service, more than 50 professionals work to provide secure information and help respondents

01/06/2020 - 10h46

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In order to produce important information for the fight against coronavirus and understand its distribution in Porto Alegre, more than 50 professionals from PUCRS, BraIns and São Lucas Hospital (HSL) have developed InCare. The platform does not replace medical care, but provides initial complementary orientation, based on the expertise of doctors and health agents.  

DBServer, a company headquartered at PUCRS’ Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc), created its website, with the task force. The idea arose from the need to help health system units in general. The data obtained by InCare may previously assist in mapping and analyzing suspected contamination by sex, age and symptoms. The assessment also takes into account whether the respondents have travelled recently, which would enhance the possibility of exposure to Covid-19.

Technology and collaboration for life  

According to Eduardo Peres, Director of Innovation at DBServer, when they were invited to contribute to the initiative, they did not think twice. “At DBLAB, we learned to make doubts and uncertainties into people-centered solutions. With this in mind, our User Experience team committed itself to come up with and implement InCare”, Peres points out. He emphasized the company’s purpose in being at Tecnopuc: the collaborative and multidisciplinary construction of technological solutions for society as a whole.  

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The initiative itself demonstrates the power of cooperation and interdisciplinarity, with professionals from different areas of knowledge congregating towards a greater good, which is the preservation of life. “In a few months, the world expedited a future that was being developed and technology played a fundamental role in all of this. Not only in these transformations, but also in several solutions that have improved the work of health professionals in fighting this pandemic”, Rafael Prikladnicki, Tecnopuc’s director and professor of PUCRS’ School of Technology adds.  

Awareness is allied to health  

Regis Lahm serves as a professor of PUCRS’ School of Humanities and coordinates the project. He stresses that the platform should not be used alone, and it is necessary to see a doctor whenever the respondent finds it relevant.  

The website presents information about the coronavirus: what it is and the symptoms; forms of transmission; and forms of prevention. The data obtained anonymously are important for decision-making in fighting the virus and provision of better services 

The taskforce  

More than 50 professionals and researchers from PUCRS, including faculty of the School of MedicineSchool of Health and Life SciencesSchool of HumanitiesSchool of TechnologyBrain Institute of RS (BraIns), Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc) and São Lucas Hospital have joined forces in the search for solutions to different issues involving the new pandemic Coronavirus (Cover-19).

The group includes Regis Alexandre Lahm, Rafael Prikladnicki, Everton Quadros, Guilherme Brito, Mirian Rosa, Andressa da Silva, Yasmin Noronha, Tatiana do Nascimento Ximenes, Mauricio Portela de Melo and Marcos Vinicius Costa. 

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