Concordia University of Edmonton representative discusses mobility opportunities, technology and culture at PUCRS

Institutions have been partners since 2018

22/09/2022 - 11h02

Photo: Matheus Gomes

On Monday, Sept 12, the Vice President of External and International Relations of Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE), Canada, Dr. Manfred Krepsky Zeuch, came to PUCRS to strengthen the partnership between the universities and discuss academic mobility and cooperation in the areas of technology, innovation, extension and culture. The visitor was welcomed at the Office for International Cooperation, Institute of Culture and Science and Technology Park (TECNOPUC).

PUCRS and the Canadian university have been partners since 2018, when the president of CUE, Tim Loreman, came to PUCRS. Professor Manfred met with the administrative coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation, Mrs. Sandra Miño, and her team, to discuss opportunities for academic mobility between both institutions, new short-term projects and the Emerging Leaders in the Americas scholarship. Program (ELAP).

After that, he was welcomed at TECNOPUC by Daniel Nunes Alves, the Park’s agent for New Businesses and Negotiation. Dr. Manfred made a presentation of CUE’s Innovation Hub, and did a tour of Tecnopuc’ laboratories, and PUCRS’ Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Ideia), the coworking area and BioHub.

In the end, he had the chance to learn more about the extension and cultural activities promoted by the Institute of Culture, by Dr. Ricardo Araújo Barberena and cultural producer Michel Machado Flores. At the meeting, possibilities of joint actions with both institutions’ theater and choirs were discussed.

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