Chemical Engineering majors design make up brush for people with Parkinson’s Disease

With the project, School of Technology students won national leg of L’Oreal Brandstorm 2022 and get ready for Paris finals

13/05/2022 - 11h09

Chemical Engineering majors Marina Vicente Wizer, Myriam Bernaud Maghous and Ana Carolina Corso Minotto / Photo: personal archive

Chemical Engineering majors Marina Vicente Wizer, Myriam Bernaud Maghous and Ana Carolina Corso Minotto, joined eddorts in the Tech Girls team and won the Brazilian leg of L’Oreal Brandstorm 2022. This university competition gives students the chance to propose innovative solutions, earn visibility and have contact with experts from one of the biggest references in cosmetics: L’Oreal.

They designed the Beauty Stabilizer, a makeup brush for people with Parkinson’s or Essential Tremors. This brush has a stabilization technology that can detect and neutralize hand tremors. “We believe that the power of beauty should be accessible to all women. We want to bring the visibility these women deserve”, one of the girls comments. Find out more about  the proposal.

Every year a new challenge is launched and, in this edition, candidates up to 30 years of age are eligible. PUCRS’ students are among the two teams that will move on to the next stage: the international semifinal. To celebrate the program’s three decades, college students can now choose from one of 3 tracks:

Inclusion: imagine innovative products & increasingly diverse and inclusive services;

Sustainability: invent the next generation of green beauty;

Technology: revolutionize the beauty experience through personalization and technology.

Next steps

The last stage will be in Paris, where only 9 teams from all over the world (three from each track) will present their proposals. To move through to the international final, students need the support of the academic community. Click here to vote, by May 15. To vote, just send an email and confirm.

“It’s amazing to have come this far and it’s now that we need you more than ever. Wouldn’t it be amazing if three PUCRS student girls went to Paris to defend their idea representing their country?”, the students comment.

The Brandstorm program has been around for 30 years. So far, more than 40,000 students from 65 countries and regions have participated.


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