Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia promotes new series of webinars

Events will take place on Nov 23-25, with live streaming on YouTube from PUCRS

19/11/2020 - 09h08
From Nov 23-25, the Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia (CIEBRAUS) will be promoting three webinar to be broadcasted live from PUCRS’ YouTube channel. The series of webinars will address issues that are in line with the Center’s fronts of action: Education as well as Public and Institutional Policies. The sessions will be delivered in English.

Check out the full program:

Nov 23, 2020 6:30 PM (Brazil)

Design for educational innovation and curriculum development

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Guest speaker:

  • Dr. Craig Whitsed, Curtin University

Nov 24, 2020 –  6:30PM (Brazil)

Leading and utilizing evidence-base for professional development and for influencing policy and practice in tertiary education

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Guest speakers:

  • Dr. William Locke, the Director of Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education;
  • Dr. Siew Fang, Senior Lecturer & Engagement Lead at Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education;
  • Dr. Arnaldo Barone, Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

Nov 25, 2020 – 5:00 PM (Brazil)

How Government Partnerships can foster research collaborations for mutual benefit

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Guest speakers:

  • Ms. Andrea Voto-Bernales, Education Services Director of the Victoria Government Trade and Investment Office for Latin America;
  • Dr. Jega Jegatheesen, Director of Water: Effective Technologies and Tools (WETT) at Research Centre at the School of Engineering of RMIT University in Melbourne;
  • Ms. Natalia Gorroño, Senior Trade and Investment Director at Victorian Government Trade and Investment office for Latin America;
  • Dr. Robert Faggian, Associate Professor at the Centre for Regional and Rural Future, Deakin University.

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