Biohub: Connecting Talents and Knowledge to Generate Business in Healthcare

Initiative consolidates an ecosystem that joins health, technology and innovation

18/10/2019 - 08h56

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

Creating innovative businesses that impact health is the purpose of Biohub PUCRS, an initiative officially launched by the University on October 10th. The hub is the first in Brazil to consolidate an ecosystem that brings together PUCRS expertise in health, technology and innovation, involving the following University units:  São Lucas Hospital,  Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc) and  Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (InsCer).

Porto Alegre is the second largest health center in Brazil, with over 7,000 beds and 26 hospitals. Within this context, the initiative seeks to boost solutions and startups, stimulate the culture of entrepreneurship among health care professionals and promote connections between various actors.

According to Jorge Audy, PUCRS Superintendent for Innovation and Development, the Biohub is how the University organizes itself to generate opportunities for innovation in health care and life sciences. “This relates to the application of new technologies in health care processes and innovation in various projects, aiming at improving processes and promoting advances in health management, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nutrition, nursing, among others,” he says.

For PUCRS Vice President and Director of InsCer Jaderson Costa da Costa, because of its strict focus on research, development and innovation, the Brain Institute can connect different researchers and actors in seeking for solutions for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and monitoring of neurological diseases and mental functions. “InsCer will also be a laboratory for the day to day simulation and application of new technologies. We expect our actions to produce a profound impact on the health care ecosystem, improving diagnostic accuracy, promoting the prescription of more effective treatment, and promoting good health,” he says.

Br. Lauri Heck, Executive Superintendent of PUCRS São Lucas Hospital, notes that, as a health care, teaching and research institution, HSL has innovation in technological solutions in its DNA, without losing sight of its human essence and values based on interpersonal relationships. “The fact that the São Lucas Hospital is within a University with excellence in medical specialties drives us to work daily for innovation, including areas that are already consolidated. The pursuit or innovation in health care is a continuous effort of our professionals in all fields,” says Br. Heck.

Facilities for Health Care Promotion

Biohub is born with a complete infrastructure focused on health care and life, technology and innovation:


+80 Laboratories

  • +10 Undergraduate Programs
  • +100 Research Groups
  • +500 Researchers
  • Best Private Medical Program in Brazil, according to the 2018 Folha University Ranking


National Reference in Production and Research in Short-lived Radiopharmaceuticals, Clinical Molecular Imaging (PET/CT) Research and High-Field Magnetic Resonance, and the Study of Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular, Neuropsychiatric and Neuro-Oncological Diseases.


+650 beds, 90 of which in the ICU

  • 111 doctors’ offices, 19 operating rooms
  • 2010 physicians in the Clinical Staff, +250 Residents (Physicians and Multiprofessionals)
  • 30k surgical procedures, 24k hospitalizations, 90k emergency calls and +2M Diagnostic Tests per year


+170 companies of all sizes

  • +80 startups
  • +7,000 people
  • 37 hectares in 3 sites, totaling 90 thousand m2 of built area

First initiative: Health Plus Innovation Center

Biohub’s first action is the Health Plus Innovation Center, a coworking space that will connect HealthTech startups with hospitals, professionals, businesses and health care operators. The initiative is a partnership between Grow+ and PUCRS. There will be 120 work stations in the coworking space, with 600 m2 of floor space which will include an acceleration program and rental space.

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