Austrian delegation visits PUCRS to discuss new projects in partnership

Visitors were welcomed by faculty from Schools of Humanities and Technology to expand cooperation in environment and architecture

04/03/2022 - 11h55

Photo: Thais Gonçalves

On Feb 24, PUCRS opened its doors to a delegation from Austria, which included the Ambassador of Austria, Stefan Scholz; Vienna Technical University professor Dr. Markus Tomaselli; and the Honorary Consul of Austria in Rio Grande do Sul, Kathrin Rosenfield, to establish new projects in partnership. Visitors were welcomed by the Dean of the School of Humanities , Dr. Draiton Gonzaga de Souza, as well as Dr. Luís Rosenfield, Dr. Márcio D’ávila, and the Executive Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation, Carla Cassol.

PUCRS has a long tradition of cooperation with Austria, as it has welcomed a number of Austrian speakers, especially in the areas of Philosophy and Law. Gonzaga, together with Dr. Ingo Sarlet, has published a book with Dr. Stephan Kirste, professor at the University of Salzburg (Austria), within the scope of the CAPES-PROBRAL (Brazil-Germany-Austria). PUCRS cooperates with Austria in the Center for European and German Studies (CDEA). One of the projects developed include the translation of a work by the Austrian writer Roberto Musil by Kathrin Rosenfield.

The official visit included a tour of the campus to give guests the chance to learn about CDEA initiatives and PUCRS infrastructure, especially Tecnopuc and NT-Solar. Dr. Draiton Gonzaga works as deputy director of the CDEA and believes that the Austrian representatives can help advance new initiatives. “We expect to increase cooperation in the area of environment and architecture with Dr. Márcio Rosa D’Ávila and Dr. Luis Rosenfied”, he added.

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