Apply now for PUCRS’ Master’s and PhD programs in different areas

Applications for over 20 graduate programs with classes beginning in 2022/1st semester are open

10/09/2021 - 08h30

Applications for graduate courses starting on the first semester of 2022 are open until October 29, 2021. The University has seats in 22 Master’s and PhD programs in different areas, such as Psychology, Law, Medicine and Linguistics.

PUCRS has the best graduate programs in Brazil, according to the Brazilian National Agency for Evaluation of Higher Education (Capes). Additionally, the university has been recently recognized for having the highest average grade in Master’s programs in the country by the General Index of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs of the Ministry of Education (MEC). The nationally and internationally recognized programs have faculty and infrastructure of excellence that promote research and scientific knowledge.

Find out about the Master’s and PhD programs receiving applications

Business Administration

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Computer Science

Criminal Sciences

Social Sciences



Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity

Development Economics


Education in Sciences and Mathematics

Materials Engineering and Technology


Biomedical Gerontology


Letters (Linguistics, Literary Theory and Creative Writing)

Medicine and Health Sciences


Pediatrics and Children’s Health


Social Work


To find out about the criteria for admission into each program, check each program’s application form.

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