72nd anniversary of PUCRS: Together we create new futures

Special program in celebration of our history marks new beginning

09/11/2020 - 14h41

In 2020 we faced and beat challenges. We reinvented things. We made things more flexible. We learned again. And, on Nov 9, PUCRS completes 72 years of existence and reinforces its commitment to carry on, to keep working together with the academic community and society, creating new futures.

“We have, in the first two decades after the turn of the century, experienced a moment of permanent and accelerated economic, political, cultural and social changes.” The pandemic has also posed new challenges on a global scale. More than ever, we have taken on a leading role in the community in the face of the needs of that moment, as we have been agents devoted to the development of a better society, a more fraternal humanity. In this scenario, we have attained a number of considerable achievements that must be celebrated and recognized”, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, President of PUCRS, says.

Throughout the month of November, a series of events will be offered in celebration of the university’s history and initiate the important steps of what is yet to come. Check out the program and save the date:

● Nov 9 | Monday, at 10 AM

Opening of BraIns – Phase II

● Nov 9 | Monday, at 2 PM

Opening of Associação Ir. Norberto Rauch (Br. Norberto Rauch Association)

Nov 12 | Thursday, at 6 PM

Release of the new portfolio of Pós PUCRS 2021 – Certificate programs

● Nov 20 | Friday, at 8 PM

Medalha Irmão Afonso (Br. Afonso Medal)

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