195 international students begin mobility program at PUCRS

Students joined virtual and face-to-face mobility programs and virtual research internships

10/08/2021 - 09h04

Luis Fernando Hortua (Colombia), Azucena Álvarez (Spain) e Antonio Abizanda (Spain) are in face-to-face mobility this semester / Photo: Thais Gonçalves

This new semester brings us 195 international students enrolled in PUCRS’ academic mobility programs. 150 students have joined the Virtual Mobility Program; 42 the Virtual Research Internship Program; 3 others are in Porto Alegre for the face-to-face modality. 11 countries are being represented: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru and Portugal.

For virtual mobility, the most popular courses are Portuguese as an Additional Language I and II; Educational Psychology: Learning; Influencers and Marketing Strategies and Personnel Management. In this modality, students will be attending the classes remotely, but will be able to connect with their peers and have moments of integration organized by the Office for International Cooperation. 18 of these students will be coming back for a second semester at PUCRS.

On the other hand, the Virtual Research Internship Program seeks to integrate international students into different research structures at the University, including laboratories, multidisciplinary centers and research groups. These include: Physical Activity Evaluation and Research Laboratory; Integrative Research Group on Epidemiology Research, Technology and Teaching; Education, Gender and Handicraft; and the Governance and Digital Society Research Group.

The Executive Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation, Mrs. Carla Cassol, claims that international students will contribute even more to the internationalization of the University. “The presence of international students at our university promotes cross-cultural interactions and brings an international perspective to our community, thus reinforcing our global mindset. The increase in the number of students who come to study with us not only shows how attractive we are in the international scenario, but also the level of excellence of everything that we do”, she adds.

Support from friends

Online event welcomed students / Photo: Reproduction

The Buddy program volunteers are ready to support international students throughout the semester. The program allows our students to have contact with new cultures, practice an additional language and contribute to the mobility experience of new colleagues.

The 43 university buddies selected for the second semester of 2021 are prepared to welcome new students in addressing academic and institutional issues, and engaging in intercultural exchanges, sharing information, traditions and experiences. A new selection process for students interested in joining the program will occur in October.

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