Public Relations

Public Relations work in public and private organizations, communication and/or press offices, event organization and cultural production companies, parliamentary and governmental offices, conducting activities such as planning and conducting public opinion campaigns, internal communication and social responsibility. They are responsible for organizing business events and assessing the effectiveness of actions and implemented communication strategies through research.

1 23149-02 Digital Culture
23133-02 Aesthetics and History of Art
23148-02 Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Communication
2342Y-02 Fundamentals of Public Relations
23135-02 History of Communication
2342Z-02 Introduction to Photography (60 Hours)
1214L-04 Portuguese I
2342X-04 Public Relations, Trends and Marketing
2343A-04 Digital Techniques and Media Training
2 23136-02 Community Communication
2343D-02 Digital Communication in Organizations
2344H-12 Elective Course
2343B-04 Public Opinion Studies
1214M-04 Portuguese II
2342K-02 Public Relations in the Public and Third Sector
2343C-02 Public Relations and Organizational Studies
23150-02 Theories of Communication: Media and Information
3 23153-02 Communication and Culture in Brazil
2343F-04 Qualitative Research in Public Relations
2343E-04 Strategic Planning in Communication
2342R-04 Digital and Print Media Production in Public Relations
2344I-04 Public Relations Writing (90 Hours)
23152-02 Theories of Communication: Culture and Society
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
4 4121B-02 Statistics for Public Relations
2342P-02 Political and Electoral Marketing
2343J-04 Quantitative Research in Public Relations
2343G-02 Planning for Public Relations
2343H-04 Multimedia Production in Public Relations
2343I-02 Professional Practices in Public Relations – Supervised Internship in Institutional Memory (50 Hours)
1513G-02 Sociology of Communication
2342N-02 Political Theories
5 2344J-04 Interpersonal Communication
2342M-04 Organizational Communication
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2342S-04 Event Planning and Production
2343M-02 Professional Practices in Public Relations – Supervised Internship in Audiovisual Production (50 Hours)
2343L-02 Public Relations and Economic Scenario
2343K-04 Public Relations and Negotiation
6 2341E-04 Press Office for Communications
2343P-04 Internal and Administrative Communication
2341G-02 Entrepreneurship in Public Relations
2343Q-02 Study of Publics in Public Relations
2343R-02 Laws and Ethics in Communication
2343N-02 Scientific Research Methodologies for Public Relations
2340J-02 Cultural Production and Project Management
2343T-02 Professional Practices in Public Relations – Supervised Internship in Digital Media Management (50 Hours)
7 2343V-02 Institutional Communication and Reputation
2341P-04 Market Communication
2343U-02 Communication, Social and Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability
2343Y-02 Undergraduate Dissertation – Scientific Research Project
2343Z-04 Communications Project – Public Relations Research (90 Hours)
2343X-02 Professional Practices in Public Relations – Supervised Internship in Entrepreneurial Action (50 Hours)
2341F-04 International Public Relations
8 2344G-00 Complementary Activities (200 Hours)
2344E-02 Image and Communication Management for Crises
2344F-03 Thesis (90 Hours)
2344D-02 Media and Culture
2344C-04 Communications Project – Innovation in Public Relations (90 Hours)
2344B-04 Communications Project – Business (90 Hours)
2344A-04 Communications Project – Public Sphere and Third Sector (90 Hours)